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Company Overview

At Skyplast  we specialize in PET recycling in Greece and Cyprus. Our recycling lines produce three different qualities of PET flakes:


• Flakes for Thermoforming Sheets

• Flakes for Fiber Production

• Flakes for Compounding


Our long experience in the PET recycling and the sophisticated European machinery we use for NIR sorting and washing give us very high quality of the flakes produced. Special attention is paid in our process to PVC sorting out, as it is our constant mission to have zero or close to zero PVC content in our PET.

Quality & Responsibility

We export the flakes we produce mostly to European clients, however sometimes we supply local sheet production clients in Greece.


In addition to PET flakes we also have some limited quantities of HDPE flakes coming from the caps of the bottles we process. Usually those are mixed colour cap flakes, but in some cases we have uniform colours like blue, red, etc. 


Please contact our sales team with your inquiry so we can propose to you the right quality of materials for your process. It is our policy to send over chemical analysis

datasheet of our flakes and samples of the materials in question.


Skyplast buys on regular basis materials for recycling from the local and international markets.

Through the years we have established buying relations with several suppliers, but we are always in the market for materials. We are mostly interested in transparent PET, but we are also buying lots of coloured PET scrap. 


PET flakes -food and non food grades

Skyplast Plastics Recycling specializes in PET processing. We can offer to our clients the following materials/qualities:


• PET Sheet thermoforming quality (100% Natural)

• PET Sheet thermoforming quality (95% Natural – 5% Light Blue)

• PET Fiber quality (100% Blue Colour)

• PET fiber quality transparent with (60% Natural - 40% Light Blue)

• PET fiber quality green

• PET fiber quality dark brown

• HDPE caps flakes mixed colours (hot washed)

• LDPE/HDPE/PP film anglomerate suitable for injection or compounding


The standard diameter of the flakes we produce is 8-12mm -as we use 12mm screens to our granulators. The washing of flakes is done with hot water and special detergents, to ensure the highest washing effect and at the same time minimal material deterioration during the washing stages. 


As our recycling lines are geared with highly sophisticated machinery, we can be very flexible with our production quality/colours. If you have specific requirements in terms

of washing, flake diameter or colours, we will be happy to discuss it with you and eventually produce a tailor made quality for your needs.

contact us.

Please contact us for more information and your inquiries about our products. We will be happy to send you our material samples and the relevant analysis and datasheets of the materials.​

We use innovative processing methods and can hand both postconsumer and postindustrial plastic scrap. We can recycle large and very small items, provided they are properly sorted.  If you are a supplier and you have continuous supply of baled scrap, you can contact us to send us the details of the material available. 

Our purchasing and logistics specialists will discuss with you what is your most convenient selling terms (ex-works, FOB, CFR, etc) for you so that selling your scrap isn’t disrupting you from your day to day business.  Contact us for a good purchasing deal for your materials. 

Telephone: +30 210 2203234   

AOH Greece: +30 6937 263 738


Address: Megara Industrial Area,

Attiki, 19 100, Greece


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PET bottle to bottle transparent with 5% blue (food grade)

PET Sheet thermoforming quality

PET fiber quality transparent with 10% blue

PET fiber quality green 

PET fiber quality dark brown

HDPE caps flakes mixed colours (hot washed)​